Saturday, October 20, 2012

Breakdown.... Sick and tired of it all!

This week we had so many meltdowns with Drake and freak outs that we took him to his Pediatrician to see what are options are. Being he has ADHD, and then PTSD, she suggested a medication for now and possibly a second in a few weeks- if he gets too sleepy. We've not seen too much of a change but I guess it's worth the try. His pediatrician is Dr. Melissa Kendall!! She's been taking care of my boys for quite some time! I definitely trust her! I found this picture below and I think it expresses the way I feel! I've been really sick again this week. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Emotionally, I'm fried!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

KSL... Click link to KSL news! You can donate under Drake Sorensen at any Chase Bank or on the PayPal tab!!

Click link to KSL news! You can donate under Drake Sorensen at any Chase Bank or on the PayPal tab!! I would write more but I'm pretty under the weather!

Friday, October 5, 2012


So this week the fear of glasses has started. Drakes eye continues to shut half way. It looks sorta like a lazy eye. He has a serious bifocal in the left lens
We paid extra to have the bifocal made as thin as possible without giving him a major bug eye. We took him to Alpine Vision and they were great!

Kids at school yesterday were calling Drake names because of his glasses. Sometimes I wish I could go smack those kids!

Drake continues with art therapy. I noticed this morning he left his snack and homework folder on the counter. The therapist explained that with PTSD it's normal to have everything a mess. It's a reflection of how Drake views himself. It's so sad and very overwhelming. He rips through his drawers like a hurricane to find things, he leaves his laces untied, his writing has gone bad and we just had parent teacher conference to learn that he's slipped back to a second grade level in writing and spelling. It's so upsetting. He may act like he is doing great but that's because I can tell he desperately wants to feel that way! He also asked for eye drops this week. That was also a first. He had been jumping on trampoline and came in crying that his eye was hurting and felt dry.

Sorry that my blogs have become boring. We are just trying to maintain a normal, positive, lifestyle. Next week we are off to the eye doc at Children's and art therapy in Orem. I will be out of town for work again. I hope he does ok. It's so hard to leave them all...

We also hiked Timp Cave last weekend! All the boys loved it!