Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A never winning battle....and exhaustion

Life is hard. I'm not sure who the first person was to say that, but it's pretty true. Drake has been hard lately. We've started him in art therapy and the therapist told us that a child with PTSD mixed with ADD are the hardest to pull out of and the process will take about 2 years. This can explain why Drake comes home from school whenever he sees someone who resembles the person who pulled the trigger.

Nights are still very challenging. He becomes an emotional monster. I leave again for work next week and I'm sad about that. However, I'm grateful to have a good job and good health insurance. My employer and boss have been very patient with me as we travel this journey. From what I can see we have quite a long road ahead.

My Grandma Peggy passed away Wednesday. I hate death, in fact I fear it now more than ever. I fear having one of my children die before me. I'm really going to miss my grandma . She was such a great lady. I have fond memories of her spoiling me rotten and always being so sweet. She's with my Grandpa Bob now and I'm sure she's much happier.

Okay, back to Drake as this blog is for him. We've lost sone steam on bracelet making. It seemed like after his surgery and school starting its just so crazy! We are going to start making more again. It looks like we will have another surgery in a few months so it can keep us occupied until then.

My sister has been staying with us and helps out tremendously. Drake and Hollie have this strange bond. I blame it on their ADHD! He just loves to sleep by Aunt Hollie, play with her, etc. He even made a special bracelet just for her!

Anyway, we have our semi weekly visit to Children's Hospital today so I will go for now. It's off to work I go!


  1. Glad to see you guys are doing well. I just saw this article on KSL, and noticed it was your family. I hope everything works out perfectly for you guys! Your in our thoughts down here in AZ. Tell the kids I said hello and take care! :)

  2. I just saw this article on KSL. My church group is looking for possible service projects. Making bracelets sounds like a great idea. Can you give me more information?
    Thanks Amy
    My email is: princesslovedalot@yahoo.com