Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thank you!

So many thank you's to send out today! First off thank you to Cupcake Chic in Orem and Chic-fil-a! Both companies donated delicious treats for our bead making party! Thank you to Heart Beads out of Murray for their generous donation.

Also, special thank you to Grandma Tammy for the beads, food and full blown support and love and Katie- you have been a lifesaver!

We received a great box from Julie at Carlin Insurance; and a new whistle, beaded necklace and brave frog story from Grannie Driggs!!! Also, Grandma Kathy cheered Drake up with new games for his DS after surgery!!

Thank you to Heather and Tammy in the neighborhood! You have no idea how much it meant for you to come! Thank you to all of my husbands family for coming, too! Also, the Allred kiddo's and the Nieto kids!! Here are pictures from are event. I was sad that there were not others here, but I guess during times of trial, you see who you can really rely on! Love you all!!

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