Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I have a newborn, but he's 9 and hard to hold...

It's 9:45 pm Tuesday. I'm preparing physically and mentally oh and emotionally for work tomorrow. My heart goes out to all the half zombie, sleepless mother's!!! Let's say given what was left with the front capsule of Drake's eye the physicians did the best they could in a bad situation. One of the docs came out about 25 mins into surgery and stated that there was very little front capsule left so he wasn't too confident they could get a synthetic lens in, but they've measured for one and would try. Drake had EXTREMELEY high pressure in his eye and they are hoping getting the cataract out would improve that. At that point we were left to sit and wait. I was just in shock, the mother robot was back- just as she was June 30th. We ate and waited. I enjoyed the view of SLC, which briefly side tracked me! I said probably the 20 th prayer so far into my morning which started the night before. I could not rest. After another 1.5 hours and a lot of looks on pinterest out came both surgeons. They sat and talked to us. They stated there was a tiny leaflet that they were able to stitch the synthetic lens too. They both stated it was better to try then do nothing at all. They cleared out a lot of damaged tissue and they stated the back of the eye looked ok given the trauma it had experienced. They said they couldn't repair the shredded iris because the eye just wasn't stable enough. They also stated he was developing fogginess in the back of the eye, so to not be alarmed if things go blurry again. He'd have to get another surgery and we'd just have to ride the wave of what his eye decided to do. However, the cloudiness from the cataract was out and they were hoping the lens would take. They also placed a dissolvable contact with antibiotics on it. I thought how uncomfortable stitches and that thing would be in his eye. My heart hurt for him. I kept my game face on. About another 45 mins after they called us back to our son who was acting like he was out of the Exorcist. All jokes a side, he suffered emergence delirium. He ws screaming, mumbling, hitting, kicking, punching and lashing out. I was trying to hold all 77lbs of him and he bit me. There was about 8 people in the room and the anesthesiologist was trying to explain what was going on. He finally got overwhelmed as we continued to hold him down so he wouldn't hurt his IV site or rip off his eye patch. It was living hell. I wanted to say, "Sedate him, please!" I thought it was a nightmare. That bite kept things very much in reality. The anesthesiologist gave him clonidene and had us wait about 15 mins then resorted to morphine. Five mins later, hair up and throw off, I heard snoring. That was literally like a boxing class for all of us. we were all red and sweating. He finally woke up, asked if the surgery was done and I said prayers in my head, I had my funny boy backed. We finished recovery- gave Kim (literally the angel nurse) a HUGE, "Thank you," and we're off! Things were very challenging up until this afternoon. I will update more but I'm tired and haven't really talked to my husband, so I'm going to spend time with him. Drake has finally fallen asleep in his bed. Hallelujah and goodnight.

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