Sunday, July 8, 2012

WARNING!!! Status update via BLOG

WARNING!!! Status update via Blog….

The status of Drake has been high and low.  There is a lot of blood in the eye and pressure that is trying to be absorbed at this time. Drake experiences long episodes of nausea and what he explains as a pounding sensation to his eye.  My stress level shoots through the roof.

This makes for a tough summer for such a strong willed, hyper active, happy, young boy.  He’s full of life and is definitely a ball of energy. He's been placed on couch arrest with low light and has pretty bad depth perception. He's however, pretty happy to get out of his summer reading.  He’s also been given a pair of what he calls, “Grannie Glasses,” so he can sneak out to sit on the front porch or to a movie when he’s feeling up to it. We decided to bedazzle these glasses just to make them a touch bit cooler!

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