Sunday, July 8, 2012

Robots and Battery Life

I realized 5% battery was left on my phone and I still needed to call his father who was up packing up our camping stuff. He had called and text about 20 times but I had nothing to report. We knew nothing.  More waiting. Why is it when you are in a hurry, everything seems to take so long?

Moments later, along came a friendly blonde hair man. I remember he had a knotted lab coat. Interesting, I thought. It had obviously been pressed as I noticed the creases on the bottom in the back. Why was I noticing these things, was beyond me. I was clearly in shock.   “Hi I’m Dr. Lloyd.” I kept thinking yep, move on with it already. He was very friendly, I remember something about how he went parasailing right by my house for his sisters birthday.

That’s right. Bedside manners, he’s trying to connect. Okay, so yes, regroup again, make eye contact and tell him what happened. My inner voice was not forcing my mouth to move. Robot mode kicked into high gear although I too was running on 5% battery.  “Hi Dr. Lloyd. So we were up camping and Drake somehow got hit with a bb from a bb gun”.  He clearly asked me, “Where’s the bb?”  I stated, I didn’t know and out came these mustard looking drops. He used these drops to numb Drake’s eye and we got a good look of what looked like a flap of skin.

1% battery and decision time needed………
After a quick exam he informed us he would need a CT scan (massive internal xray) and surgery.  He needed to be sure there was no bullet, and he also needed to repair a corneal laceration. I found this chatter going on in my head. It reminded me of when the boys would scream in the car and I couldn’t do anything besides tell myself to breathe. This was all going on in my mind. .  “Okay sounds understandable I told him, but first, you need to call his grandfather and tell him, he’s a physician and I’d like him to know.”  Wow, robot was back. Fair enough. He did as I asked and stated he’d see me at  2:00 for the surgery.

I told Drake’s Aunt that if we had to wait for the lifeflight’s to get out of the CT scan I was going to run to the car to call my mother. She said she’d watch Drake and I ran like fire was chasing me, to place the phone call while charging. With 1% battery, I talked quickly and ran back inside.  It dawned on me I needed to call my husband. Somehow, I remembered I had a lime green charging cord that I used when I traveled to charge my phone.  I crawled up to the back of the computer tower and plugged it in. Beep. Success! I placed my phone call and again, “barf bag,” Drake began to vomit again. I was back in mother mode and boy was I becoming exhausted.

I opened the door to a pretty nurse named Amber who had been helping the entire time. I told her he was still vomitting uncontrollably.  Moments later a lady, who I had never seen came in and pushed more meds. Sorta odd that a stranger can just waltz in your room, not identify herself and give your child medications. What if she was some psychopath?  Okay, I had to really pull it together these crazy thoughts needed to stop. The fact that I even thought that, was frightening me.  She explained it was more zofran. Then Amber came in and pushed more morphine.  Drake whimpered.  He said it hurt.  Oh the burn of morphine. I kept kissing his head and promising him it was worth it.

Time to find the bullet, robot gets a quick charge….

CT scan time.  We were off to see where the bb went. Rushed into a cold room and rushed out quickly. It felt like a morgue. His body shivered and they kept covering him with blankets out of a warmer. Five minutes went by and this old confused man kept my mind occupied. He wasn’t quite sure what to do with his tray.  The door reopened to a beautiful blonde technician who was training a new guy.  “All done she said.” We went back to our room.  Dr. Lloyd stated 2:00 so it’s 12:30, how do we know if there is a bb?

I opened the door again.  Dr. Swanson was there. A few clicks on a computer and he said, “No bb!”  Thank heavens! Both the robot and the mother in me got some time to breathe.

Charging time…..

More waiting.  At least he was resting.  My husband and his older brother showed up. They brought my bag of camping clothes and toiletries. Drake’s Aunt and I did a quick change, freshened up and were ready for this surgery.  My husband had to leave. He had our dog and younger son, with his step mom waiting outside.  They had to go unload the rest of our stuff.  They had packed up the campground and were headed to drop off everything at home.

We were escorted into a very empty room that on a normal surgical day would be filled with pre-op patients. I went over all things good, bad and ugly with the anesthesiologist. He was on board. He seemed to know his stuff. RELIEF!

I noticed a tray of needles and syringes.  I commented, “Only in Utah could they leave all these needles out and it wouldn’t be stolen for drugs.” That was the California girl in me. You could snag that thing and make tons of money in another state. Hah! Unbelievable, with how expensive these medical bills, maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea.  Totally irrational, like I'd ever do that.  Once again, I had to be robotic.   Had that been California- that would be snatched up so quickly (obviously not by me).

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