Sunday, July 8, 2012

Road to Recovery...or so we thought recovery...

Recovery time was 8 hours of pure hell. Drake was miserable, the nurses didn’t have orders needed to admit him and at that point I was running on fumes. I was grateful he wasn’t blind but I feared how long the healing process would be. 1-2 years and a Dr.’s cell phone number.  Also orders to see him the next day.  There wasn’t anything too comforting about that. I kept thinking, there had to be an angel with him that day because the odds of this happening are less than getting shocked by lighting. We were able to go home at 10 pm that night. Our best friends (The Hofheins) came by for moral support and Kenyon went to get his medication. The first night home was like trying to hit a grand slam.  It seemed to be an impossible night for everyone…..

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