Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pictures of Week 1

Good eye next to bad eye

The Amazing Dr. Michael Lloyd and Drake's sweet shades...

Drake's first night home with his first visitor and "girlfriend," Brecklyn Hofheins

Rock what you got!

Hofheins family (sans Jake) keeping us company

Drake with Katie Dunn, our babysitter child care provider and my LIFESAVER!

Drake @Primary Children's Hospital, holding a Flat Dr. T, from Thompson Orthodontics!

Pupil and Cataract

Drake and me at the Moran Eye Center

Drake and Reid, this kiddo was a champ and helped me keep Drake on the couch!

Tami Farnsworth, Reid and Carter- Drake's Cub Scout Group Came to Visit...

Jail Break glasses, "Thumbs up for Freedom!"


More ouch....

Our faithful dog who won't leave Drake's side.  We love her so much!

Drake with his "Hope" Bracelet from Grannie

Drake receiving love from his Grandma Brenda

Drake's eye numb after seeing Dr. Lloyd

Black marble for Eye...

Waking up from surgery where they washed the eye out


Although sad, he still gave his Dad a thumbs up!

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