Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Can't See

What seemed like a day that would be a pleasant, took a turn for the worse when Drake couldn’t see the number’s I held in front of him. The day before he was able to see some, but not this time. I called Dr. Lloyd and he said to bring him in… Off we went again to battle the Dr.’s office.  What a disaster.  I just about screamed at the technician when she had the nerve to ask him to read the letters on the wall. I thought, did you just not hear me!?  He can’t see you broad. I was so frustrated.  I asked her to no longer touch my son and waited for Dr. Lloyd to come in.  He was the show of the office.  It was lunch break and at least 12 girls were in the hallway all commenting and observing the boy who was hit with a bb.  It was my first reflection of how he’d possibly feel at school. If grown women could tease him, I can not imagine what kids would do.

When Dr. Lloyd came in, I lost it. I sat him down and told him we needed to set some boundaries and I explained all the issues we’d had so far.  He was very sympathetic, allowed me to vent and took great care of Drake.

I did some tricky negotiations to talk Dr. Lloyd into letting Drake sit on the porch and head to a movie. He agreed as long as Drake didn’t see Brave! We all laughed. A little laugh was all we needed just to keep us going.  He then explained the news.He also gave Drake some sweet glasses to wear. He looked like he was going to go blow up something! He allowed me to see into Drake’s eye and there was a gray cloud.

We learned that the cataract had already developed which explains the irritation and constant, “fog,” that he complains about. We were told we'd be seeing a pediatric ophthalmologist to have this removed as soon as the eye is stable enough for a second surgery.  Great, I thought. Dr. Lloyd explained he hadn’t taken out a cataract on a 9 year old and it was best Dr. Abrams did it. Yeah, another physician I didn’t want to deal with.

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