Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dr. Abrams, oh what a nightmare...

I am currently typing this as my husband drives us from Dr. Abrams office to the Moran Eye Center at Primary Children’s Hospital. Did I mention today is our anniversary? 
We ended up seeing Dr. Abrams today. We saw him a whopping 5 mins.  He dropped a bomb on us that he was no longer doing pediatric cataract surgery because of insurance reasons.  I was fuming. I grabbed his fancy brochure to realize that he even advertises this on this cheesy, “About me Section.” I wanted to puke.  Then he gives us the safety glasses lecture like we didn’t know already. Talk about kicking someone when they are down.  What a jerk!

Another $40.00 copay and 20% out of pocket so this physician with zero bed side manners can tell us he can’t do the procedure. Way to make a buck!  My husband thought he was fine. I thought he was an emotionless monster. Whatever, I was done with him the second he attempted to introduce himself.  Once again, another tech attempted to have Drake read something on the wall. I kept thinking, they must really not get it. He can’t see! After almost 2 hours of nothing and at least $80.00 later we left and I called Moran Eye Center and Dr. Lloyd. I explained the situation and they said they’d squeeze him in. So here I am, writing today’s obstacle course in the car.  Will this rollercoaster ever end? We were told we may have to wait 3 hours. Catch up to you all after I take a xanax and embrace the 3 hour wait.

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