Sunday, July 8, 2012


It was a dirty, but fun morning camping. It was a beautiful, normal day up in Provo Canyon for a weekend family campout. I was already dreading the thought of insects and dirt, but I could never have anticipated what was going to happen. My sons’ love to camp and being the only girl beside our dog in the house, it’s impossible to say no to little boys who love to get filthy!

My home teacher had come over the Sunday before and shown a very moving LDS Youth video about having Faith in the Lord during times of trial.  I found it interesting, but really didn’t connect it to anything in my current life. Things were great. I had just hit the year mark with my employment, life was great, and my hubby and boys were healthy. Things were moving quite along. The night we set up camp, my boys and I discussed the random topic of the importance of giving up your organs if ever put on life support, and how we could help save the lives of others.  My oldest son, Coby, mentioned, “The best way to die is to give before you go.”  I thought what an interesting comment from an 11 year old? Gotta love the hormone fluctuations and maybe this weekend I’d get the nice Coby I missed dearly….

Camping regrets…..
The smell of bacon and my kids outside woke me. I dreaded the thought of the vault toilet, but I boogied to the bathroom before embracing breakfast. It was delicious. Then out came the bb gun. I knew I had this.  Years of practicing in the shooting range in our childhood basement, I could definitely beat any boy and had a pretty impressive shot.
Everyone was having a good time and the boys were shocked with what a great shot the ladies had.  Boys being boys thought that they could beat the girls.  I decided to stick a red solo cup up in a tree as a bright target, just to see how accurate we were.  I brought up that cheesy “Solo Cup” song that I believe Toby Keith had written.  We had a good laugh to say the least -  probably the last we’d have that day. I’d say that the red cup was my first regret…

Drake’s Aunt, wanted to learn how to shoot a bb gun.  After all, they are harmless, right? WRONG! Disaster hit immediately! Yet another camping regret. Drake popped up from the side of the tent, and being the trickster he is, yelled, “Why’d you hit me?" We all laughed it off as his typical, tricky personality, until I noticed he was running towards me hysterical and tripping.  It wasn’t his ADHD, something was seriously wrong…

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