Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bracelets and week 5 and not able to attend first day of school

Thank you for the beads that have been sent from strangers and family! We've received many hair beads and are in need of more large, glass beads, and o/jump rings as well as the pins. We could also use 16 gauge wire in multiple colors and 26 gauge wire in multiple colors.If you'd like to get some that'd be awesome! You can send them here to, 2826 After Glow, Ln. Lehi UT, 84043.
Look for your special notes from Drake in the mail this week to all who have sent presents, packages and beads as well as dinners to our home!We've also been told Drakes 2nd surgery is on August 13th and he will most likely not be at school for awhile. Pretty discouraging... Here's some pictures!

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