Thursday, July 5, 2012

The BLOG I thought I'd NEVER write...

The blog I thought I’d never write….
I’ve never written a blog. I’ve never proclaimed to have the capability to write a blog and to be frank; I’ve never understood who could have the time to sit and blog. I’m honestly sitting here with my best friend, Jamie, being encouraged to write what I feel, while I battle to explain that all my emotions are in a sense, robotic.  My story is worth telling, I apologize for the lack of cohesiveness, as this may seem to lag, but it warrants attention and it allows me the opportunity to share an experience that has changed my life forever and my son’s life FOREVER. It may come out “mechanical,” but that was the shock I feel, and most days continue to feel. My feelings are raw, but I must be strong for my son. I  feel I cannot let them show. If I can’t stay in a “robotic” place, my emotions will betray me and my son will not have the mother he needs. 

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