Sunday, July 8, 2012

The 4th of July...yeah, NOT!

More days of a black marble for an eye ball and a lot of redness, agitation and the 4th of July. How I dreaded this 4th.  There were fires all over Utah, one just down the road and then couch arrest. We had to just sit inside. We decided to make a great heist and battle the theater. We went with my in-laws and 2 of Drake’s Aunts to see Spiderman.  He had a tough time here and there, but I think he enjoyed the movie.  Trying to keep his ADHD under control was like trying to catch a tornado in jar.  Completely impossible! We ended up going to Red Robin after and Drake was in quite a bit of pain.  He also wasn’t eating too much. We went home, watched fireworks from the top of the hill by our home and headed to bed.  This was the first night I actually got to sleep with my husband in my bed.

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