Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bracelets and week 5 and not able to attend first day of school

Thank you for the beads that have been sent from strangers and family! We've received many hair beads and are in need of more large, glass beads, and o/jump rings as well as the pins. We could also use 16 gauge wire in multiple colors and 26 gauge wire in multiple colors.If you'd like to get some that'd be awesome! You can send them here to, 2826 After Glow, Ln. Lehi UT, 84043.
Look for your special notes from Drake in the mail this week to all who have sent presents, packages and beads as well as dinners to our home!We've also been told Drakes 2nd surgery is on August 13th and he will most likely not be at school for awhile. Pretty discouraging... Here's some pictures!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thank you!

Thank you to Shauna Day and family for dinner! We've been brought delicious meals from other families too! Thank you for the yummy food and for being so thoughtful!!!

Family time making bracelets!!!

Here we are with Grandma Tammy, Aunt Bre (brunette), Aunt Heather (blonde), Coby (brother) and Dad (Kenyon). Also, playing a new game from Grannie Driggs!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A mother is only as happy as her saddest child.....

Nothing more to say. My heart hurts for all my boys right now. I've watched my oldest cry out of fear for his brother now into jealousy because Drake requires more of my time. My youngest seems to not notice too much because he just wants to play and ride his bike outside. I've witnessed my husband yearning for my attention and a job that requires all of me as well. As I stated above which my (step)mother has to me, "A mother is only as happy as her saddest child." Today has been hard to not be home. I'm back from work Friday evening and I hope I find the strength within to keep my, "work" face on until then.

Week 2.... Oh what a rollercoaster

This week has been full of visitors, Dr. appt's and of course the flu! Thanks to all of our visitors. We've had strangers now become friends who have just shown up at our doorstep! Thanks for all the goodies from our neighbors and all the love and support! We have been told we have to wait 4-6 weeks to do the cataract procedure because Drake's eye isn't stabilizing.......Here are some pictures of our visitors, Dr. Hoffman, the ride to Children's Hospital and Drake's eye!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

ABC News A Lehi boy nearly blinded in BB accident gives other children hope

A Lehi boy nearly blinded in BB accident gives other children hope

ABC4 News came by to visit....

Please look for Drake's story at 5:00 tonight (Sunday) on ABC4. Here's some pictures Jamie took while we were talking. I was so overwhelmed, I hope I made sense! Drake was shy, but I think he did great!

Pictures of Week 1

Good eye next to bad eye

The Amazing Dr. Michael Lloyd and Drake's sweet shades...

Drake's first night home with his first visitor and "girlfriend," Brecklyn Hofheins

Rock what you got!

Hofheins family (sans Jake) keeping us company

Drake with Katie Dunn, our babysitter child care provider and my LIFESAVER!

Drake @Primary Children's Hospital, holding a Flat Dr. T, from Thompson Orthodontics!

Pupil and Cataract

Drake and me at the Moran Eye Center

Drake and Reid, this kiddo was a champ and helped me keep Drake on the couch!

Tami Farnsworth, Reid and Carter- Drake's Cub Scout Group Came to Visit...

Jail Break glasses, "Thumbs up for Freedom!"


More ouch....

Our faithful dog who won't leave Drake's side.  We love her so much!

Drake with his "Hope" Bracelet from Grannie

Drake receiving love from his Grandma Brenda

Drake's eye numb after seeing Dr. Lloyd

Black marble for Eye...

Waking up from surgery where they washed the eye out


Although sad, he still gave his Dad a thumbs up!